Our Story

Founder’s Story: Your own worst enemy was founded by Joel, an Electrical engineering graduate from University of Hartford. His goal was to create something that reflected the experiences that he went through, and that other’s go through in their own ways. As a college student Joel had a difficult time dealing with the demand of being an engineering student and working 30+ hours a week to help pay for school. The most challenging time period was his junior year, the start of the Pandemic. The switch from in person to online classes was an obstacle itself; but coupled with work, the constant feeling of isolation, and reflecting on what it meant to be black in America made it impossible for him to see the light and the end of the tunnel. He struggled with the persistent feeling that the work and time he was putting in now would amount to nothing. That he would fail to be successful in something he started because of what was happening in the world and because of how he looked. Through it all though he had his family and closest friends in his corner as a constant reminder to stay strong, preserve, and to never give up. He realized that having a support system that believed in him further motivated him to conquer his own fears; because of this, he wanted to use his passion for design to create a clothing brand, moreover, a community with the long-standing mission to act as a reminder of what he himself learned… You are your own worst enemy.

Our Mission: YOWE is a brand to empowers small business owners and college students struggling with self-doubt and distractions. Our brand does this through the creation of timeless luxury pieces which serve as a reminder that regardless of all the negativity, at the end of the day, you are Your Own Worst Enemy. We welcome you to join the YOWE family and be a part of a community that understands, supports, and recognizes your perseverance.

Giving Back: YOWE sets aside a portion of profits to give back to other small businesses and for undergraduate scholarships.